Could the PMUA be unregulated?


Due to unpleasant experiences at the PMUA offices and a desire to determine what our rights were as consumers of PMUA and residents of the City of Plainfield, we began to do some research.  Our first stop was city hall where we were told that the City of Plainfield has no control over PMUA.  Knowing that knowledge is power, we tried to find any rules, regulations, codes, and/or statutes that would be applicable to the PMUA.  While looking through the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) website we came across a state statute that appeared to apply to PMUA.  We reached out to the DEP to get clarification.  Imagine our dismay and shock when we were told that the PMUA is the only one-city municipal utilities authority in the state that offers solid waste services thereby making the DEP regulations we found not applicable to PMUA.  Why is that important?  Click here to read the regulations which include a Customer Bill of Rights and many other provisions which would hold the PMUA accountable to the DEP.  Undeterred by this, our next contact was the Union County Utilities Authority (UCUA) who informed us they did not regulate the PMUA either and to contact the Board of Public Utilities (BPU).  Having already researched the BPU, we challenged the suggestion of the UCUA representative who responded, “I’ve worked here for twenty years, I know.”   So we called the BPU and were promptly told that the BPU does not regulate the PMUA.  We were also told, “You need to get in your mayor’s face.  Your mayor is the person who can do something about it.”  We have made initial contact with the Honorable Sharon Robinson-Briggs and are planning to discuss the issues further with her.  Check back for updates often.


Click here for Regulations for Municipal Utilities Authorities



And now for the Good News…

There is growing opposition from many residents of Plainfield to the practices of the PMUA executives and board of commissioners (management) and many willing to organize and work hard to hold the PMUA accountable.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has taken a special interest in the PMUA and its practices and is currently investigating further.  There is concern from the DEP about the lack of oversight and lack of accountability to customers.

Written communication has been sent to Nicholas Scutari, Linda Stender, Robert Menendez, and Jerry Green.  We intend to follow up as often as necessary and may need your support in the future should a letter writing campaign be needed. 

We have made our concerns known to the mayor and city council at the council meeting on March 2, 2009. We are eagerly awaiting their response.

We have seen from our last Presidential election that local community members can join together and bring positive change.