Take a look at what information / services / transparency other utilities authorities provide to their customers and residents

(spend at least 5 minutes at each of the sites and you will see how much Plainfielders pay for the services we receive or lack thereof)

MUA / Website Areas Served Employees Comments
23 municipalities including Atlantic City; sewer and solid waste
75 employees
collects recycling from 110,000 homes
Jersey City - 230 miles of sewer + 240 water pipes
91 employees
47 municipalities for sewerage / 70 municipalities for solid waste

150 employees

Little Egg Harbor MUA


6,179 households for water and sewer; 49 square miles
19 employees
water and sewer - no increase for 9 years!

Essex County Utilities Authority


Brick Municipal Utilities Authority


29,000 households; water and sewer - 700 miles of pipe and 27 sewage stations | 32 square miles
133 employees
12,000 households for sewer (110 miles of pipe) and solid waste; 6 square miles
160 employees
new PMUA website still lacks regulations, budget, bills, minutes, resolutions, etc.


* Employees listed for FY2007 on DataUniverse