We have seen from our last Presidential election that local community members can join together and bring positive change. 


Here's how you can get involved:


* Make OPRA requests for public records and forward to us for posting

* Send copies of any fines you receive for open lid and cart rollback (PMUA says they don't give fines for open lids)

  • * Send any written complaint to PMUA and Cc: your City Council representatives
  • * Distribute "Did you know?" flyer to your neighbors (if you need copies, please call us)
  • * Attend monthly PMUA meetings (Let's show PMUA we are united and concerned)
  • * Contact your local, county, and state representatives
  • * Speak to your neighbors and block associations
  • * Translators
  • * Volunteer time to go door to door to inform residents that they have choices
  • * Share your stories on this website



Here is how DumpPMUA can help:


* We can send you handouts and discuss options with your neighbors

* We can assist you with the OPRA request process

* We will continue to apply pressure and demand accountability from PMUA and city officials

* We will work with local and state officials to bring systemic reform to these quasi-government businesses