PMUA Employee Info

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In early 2009, Mr. Watson, Executive Director, stated that PMUA has had to let go 20 employees. In the PMUA newsletter, it listed 12-15 employees. PMUA is essentially stating that they now have approximately 150 employees. would like the record to show that in 2007, PMUA had 122 employees. So even with this supposed layoff, PMUA has had a significant increase in employees in one year. Who were they? Any managers? It should also be noted that PMUA had 150 employees in 2008 as listed on DataUniverse. Did top executives take a wage freeze? Take a look at the employment contracts and decide for yourself.


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The 2008 PMUA salary data is now available. We have not yet been able to fully analyze it; however, some team members have pointed out that at least one employee received a raise of over 10%.



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In 2007, salaries for all PMUA employees was over $4.2 million. Employees making less than $50,000 accounted for $3 million.


According to, has noted the following for 2007 (2008 listed in red) (2009 listed in blue):


* 5 employees of PMUA had salaries above $95,000 in 2007 ($530,000):


Eric Watson - $124,304 (136,733) (142,948)

David Ervin - $108,768 (116,019) (119,647) [also serves on the board at PARSA]

Louis Jones - $101,272

James Perry - $101,272 (108,022)

Duane Young - $98,584 (105,155) (108,441)


* 4 employees had salaries between $60,001 and $80,000


* 8 employees had salaries between $50,001 and $60,000


* 13 employees had salaries between $40,001 and $50,000


* 45 employees had salaries between $30,000 and $40,000


* 33 employees had salaries between $10,001 and $30,000


* 14 employees had salaries below $10,000


The figures listed above do not include health benefits, NJ pension contributions, or EXPENSES! Why are there so many employees earning under $15,000 getting health, dental, and pension benefits?