Why Switch?


Although the cost savings to switching will be minimal (roughly $100 per homeowner per year), we believe that this will bring increased competition to Plainfield and either force PMUA to rethink how they operate or force them to shutdown their non-competitive solid waste operations. If 500 homes were saving $100 per year, collectively it would amount to $50,000 in savings. If 5000 homes were saving $100 per year, collectively it would amount to $500,000 in savings.


If residents don't do something about PMUA, it will only get worse. Think about how bad they were 7 years ago, 5 years ago, 2 years ago, today. Has their level of customer service improved? How about rates? With a company that claims to service 12,000 city residents, one would think they would be more competitive. Unfortunately, mismanagement, lack of accountability, and free reign on residents pockets have been standard protocol for PMUA. Is the city cleaner? Does it really cost over $10,000 per day for the upkeep of the downtown and eight community playgrounds? If residents think it's bad today, it will be much worse between 2012 and 2021 when PMUA's bond payments increase. Click here to see the complete 2006 and 2005 Audit.


Plainfield residents need and deserve the same fair treatment that residents in surrounding Union County towns receive.


Although it would mean a loss of jobs for the top ranking PMUA administrators, Plainfield residents could see significant savings if PMUA shut down its solid waste services and contracted it out. For the record, other waste management companies hire Plainfield residents. Other waste management companies treat their customers with dignity and respect. Other waste management companies are subject to the Customer Bill of Rights. Other waste management companies don't nickel and dime their customers with "extra bag fees" or "return cart fees."