DumpPMUA.com was started to bring reform to the policies and practices of the PMUA thereby making the PMUA accountable to the residents of Plainfield.  That accountability would inevitably, we hoped, bring a level of respect for resident concerns.  Although we still have a way to go in this area, we at DumpPMUA.com are happy to announce that the Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority passed resolution 41-2009 at its public meeting on April 7, 2009 changing the opt-out (alternate service) procedures.  The resolution has established that a Plainfield property owner may obtain the alternate service form by mail, fax, online, or in person at the PMUA office.  Whether the PMUA made the changes to this procedure as a result of this site, residents’ voices, or the lawsuit that was filed is irrelevant.  We are happy to see that the PMUA is being more responsive to our concerns.  We will continue to make residents’ concerns our top priority and encourage you to reach out to us if you have concerns.  We will do our best to help you resolve those issues. Call 908-226-2518 and ask for an alternate service application.


***Click here for some alternatives to PMUA's solid waste services***


Please note: Alternate Service Application now available on PMUA website.


DumpPMUA’s To do list

Hold PMUA accountable to:

* Give proper notice to residents of meetings
* Never bill residents retroactively for rate hikes

* Reduce commissioner expenses from $170,000 to $40,000 per year

* Place OPRA request logo and make OPRA forms(√) available on PMUA website
* Prove that Shared Service Fees ($21 per month) are authorized by law and that the amount charged is reasonable and just.
* Change opt-out procedures

* Cart rollback time changed to 6AM the following day half (NO CITY ORDINANCE)
* Treat residents with respect

* Stop sending commissioners to several out of state conferences each year
* Respond promptly to resident inquiries

* Provide responses to OPRA requests in a timely manner
* Consider making changes to the miscellaneous fees they charge to residents including rolling cart back to house fee, open lid fee (√), extra bag, etc.
* Stop charging fees to owners of vacant land

* Stop charging fees to owners who don't utilize PMUA's services (vacant houses, multi-family dwellings, etc.)

* Make meeting agendas, resolutions, bill payment lists, minutes, and audits available on the PMUA website
* Reduce its costs of operations and pass the savings on to residents