Shared Services: If these are the parks PMUA has been referencing, where is the money really going?


PMUA receives $1.2 million from the City of Plainfield as part of the municipal solid waste contribution. A 2006 auditor's report shows that "Public Can and Street Maintenance" amounted to $162,445. Yet PMUA claims $1.2 million isn't enough to clean up the downtown and the community parks so they assess an additional $21 per month on every property owner. This afternoon, we decided to visit each of the "parks" PMUA services. What we have found should be of concern to all residents. Remember, PMUA does NOT cut the grass, prune trees, fix broken equipment, etc. in these areas.


Location Public Waste Receptacles  
Rushmore Ave Park 5 cans* (10)  
Mathison Park 3 cans  
Library Park 4 cans  
Rock Ave Park 7 cans  
Sloan Blvd. Park couldn't locate location  
Hannah Atkins Park 5 cans* (10)  
Seidler Field 10 cans  
Milton Campbell Field 15 cans* (30)  
South Ave. Circle 2 cans  
Leland Ave Park (Cook) 4 cans  


Total: 55 cans (*80) [equivalent to the cans shown above]

Simple Math Analysis: It costs a single-family resident approx. $800 a year for two weekly garbage pickups (this includes the $256 yearly shared services fee). If we wanted the garbage at the parks to be picked up six times a week, it would cost $2400 per year per can. This amounts to $192,000 per year for the daily pickup of 80 cans. This would leave over $1 million for the employment of seven streep sweepers and the disposal of vegetative waste.


* we couldn't walk the entire grounds of these areas so you may want to double the cans to give PMUA the benefit.


Please click here to see pictures of these locations.