Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Isn't it mandated that residents use PMUA?

Residents must use PMUA for sewer. Residents can opt-out of PMUA solid waste and recycling once they contract with an alternate solid waste provider. PMUA currently does not allow residents to opt-out and take their own trash to the dump. The DEP is now involved with this issue because there is evidence that state statute allows for it - provided it is your own household waste.


What is PMUA's annual budget?

The 2009 PMUA annual budget is $22.1 million (This is $3 million more per year than Plainfield's share of the Plainfield Public School budget!)

The 2008 PMUA annual budget was $16.7 million

The 2007 PMUA annual budget was $14 million

The 1999 PMUA annual budget was $10 million


Is PMUA violating the law?

The court system will eventually decide some of the matters in this section but you should take a look at what the statutes indicate and decide for yourself. Remember that since the lawsuit was announced PMUA has had no comment. They have however taken steps to address some areas within the lawsuit. Guilt? Click here to read more.


How can I get involved?

DumpPMUA needs ALL residents and landlords involved if we are going to bring regulatory and systemic reform to PMUA. You can speak with your neighbors, volunteer to go door-to-door, contribute concerns to this site, contact your legislatures, contact PMUA, and attend PMUA meetings. This process could take up to two years so we will need residents to attend meetings and speak up about their experiences. If you can only make a meeting or two a year, that is great. If you can't make meetings but can write letters or hand out flyers, that is equally great. If you can file an OPRA request, we will be glad to post the results to this website. Any and all contributions to content on this site will ultimately help residents be more informed.


Could it be that PMUA is unregulated?

PMUA claims that they are both a service and regulatory agency. However, the fact remains that they are unregulated. (click here to see what we are doing about it)


Why has most of the DumpPMUA website focused on solid waste?

We needed a starting point and since we had concrete facts and figures from surrounding towns, it made sense. Resident, SL noted that sewer water in Plainfield costs 170% of potable water. We expect that will become more comprehensive in assisting all Plainfield residents' concerns with PMUA as more residents question PMUA's procedures, policies, management, and accountability.


Does PMUA accept grass as part of their vegetative waste services?

According to the PMUA website, they accept grass free of charge during seasonal times. The website mentions that property owners should call them to determine availability of this service.

Vegetative Waste (leaves, branches, grass, brush, etc)

  1. No-fee Saturday drop-off offered seasonally. Call 908-226-2518 for more details.